Greed’s A Betting Booby-Trap

Finding a winning strategy for profiting from your betting can be tricky.

The fact that less than 2% of bettors actually make a profit from their betting proves that.

So when you do come across a winning strategy, it’s very easy to start feeling a little bit greedy and it can seem very temping to increase your stakes– a little bit more than you know you should — so you can win even more money.

But Murphy’s law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong (eventually).

So no matter how good selection process or tipster is, losing runs will happen.

And sod’s law is anything to go by — they’ll happen at the time you decide to get greedy and up your stakes.

However, you can avoid the pitfalls of greed by following 3 simple steps.

1.) Stick with a sensible staking plan:

2.) Use a selection strategy or tipster service that has proven itself to be profitable:

3.) Don’t deviate from your plan

Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull