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the snout review - tipsters empire

the snout review - tipsters empireHave you been searching for a consistent and profitable horse racing tipster… who isn’t scared of betting on long shots?

Then The Snout from Tipsters Empire could be just the service you’ve been looking for.

The Snout service has been around since June 2015. And at the time of writing, the Snout has amassed a profit of nearly £5,000 (when betting at just £10 per point).

In just a quick glance at the Snout’s historic result graph (shown below), you can see just how consistent this service is over the long term.

the snout long term results

The man behind the tips, The Snout himself, is born and bred at the home of National Hunt Racing – Cheltenham – and seemingly specializes in almost every form of horse racing.

He’s clearly got a deep knowledge of the sport, which is evident in the detailed reasoning he includes with each of his selections.

And that deep knowledge really shows in the consistency, and profitability of his selections.

The Snout advises an average of 80 selections each month and his tips are sent out via email to subscribers on the evening before the racing. This makes the service ideal if you have to be at work in the mornings and can’t be placing bets at 9am.

All the bets are advised at odds that are generally available at a number of bookmakers. So as long as you’re placing your bets shortly after receiving your email, you shouldn’t have much trouble getting your bets on at the advised odds.

The Snout Review

I was very impressed by The Snout’s track record of results, so I decided to give the service a 2 month trial to see how well it fared.

I started trialing the service on the 18th of May. My full results can be found below.

All results are recorded to the services advised odds, and to 1 point level stakes of £10 per point, as a pose to the services advised stakes.(Total stake £10 for win bets, and £20 for each way bets.)

This is to allow easy comparison between the results of this service and alternative services.

You can find details of how The Snout would have performed to advised stakes below my results.

My Results

the snout results tipsters empireIf you want to take a close look at the results, you can click here to download the full results spreadsheet.

Running Bank

the snout running bank

The Snout Stats

the snout stats

Whilst my running bank fluctuated quite a lot throughout the period of the trial, for the most start it stayed in profit throughout, and finished with a significant profit of £378.20 (At 1pt level stakes, staking £10 per point)

When betting at average odds of 9/1, fluctuation in your betting bankroll (over the short term) is to be expected. However, I think that it is clear from the results of my trial, and The Snout’s long term results, that the profit graph is trending in a single direction, and that direction is up!

Betting to level stakes showed 17 points extra profit and gave a slightly higher return on investment when compared to betting at advised stakes.

That being said, both staking strategies are very sensible to use and will likely result in a similar return on investment over the long term.

How Much Does The Snout’s Tips Cost?

You can get a 28 day trial of the Snout’s tips for just £1. – Just click here for all the details.

After your trial period is ended, you have a few options if you’d like to continue receiving the Snout’s tips.

1 Month – £30

3 Months – £75

6 Months – £135

1 Year – £240

The longer you commit for, the cheaper it works out on a cost per month basis. The Snout has been around for over 2 years now, and has proven himself to be consistently profitable over the long term. So the 6 month and yearly options offer great value for money.

That being said, I advise you to go with whatever option makes the most sense for you.

If you’ve got a limited betting bankroll of £1,000, it’s going to make a lot more sense to go with the monthly option, giving you more money to bet with right now, rather than committing nearly 25% of your bankroll upfront.

Final Thoughts On The Snout

I have been very impressed by The Snout’s service.

He’s not afraid to have a bet on a long shot if he thinks there is value to be taken, and his results show that his approach to picking horses is extremely profitable over the long term. I suspect that The Snout will be getting added to my own betting portfolio very shortly.

If you want to see what The Snout’s extensive racing knowledge can do for you, give his 28 day trial a go for just £1.

Click Here To Get The Snout’s Tips For 28 Days – Just £1