Just Do Nothing

When analyzing a race, it can be very temping to want to place a bet on a horse that has taken your fancy, even if you don’t think there is any value in that bet.

Just take a look at the typical race goer. They will likely have a bet on every race running at the course that day.

The only way to make a profit from you betting is by placing value bets.

Which means you’re placing a bet at odds that are greater than what you believe the true odds should be.

More often than not, it means the best bet to place is no bet at all.

Placing random, ill informed bets on every race is not going to help you make a long term profit from your betting.

In fact, it is very likely to hinder you from achieving that goal as these are the bets you are likely losing the most money on.

So instead of betting on every race, take the time to really analyze just one or two races in greater detail, and if you can spot an angle for a value bet, go ahead and place a bet.

And if you can’t spot a good bet, don’t bet. There will always be another race to bet on.

Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull

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