When The Going Gets Tough

When looking through a race card, trying to work out what horse has the best chance of winning the race and what horses might offer a value bet, most look to the horses form.

That being the little string of numbers beside the horses name telling you how the horse has performed in it’s most recent races.

But equally, if not more important than a horses form is the going and whether the horse is suited to it.

A lot of casual punters will barely consider taking into account the going when betting on a horse, or may at best give it a cursory glance.

So having a good understanding of the going is vital to be able to have an edge over the average bettor and giving yourself a decent chance of winning some money.

The going is term used to describe the condition of the ground and is measured at all UK race tracks with a going stick which gives a reading of 1 (softest) through to 15 (hardest).

If you look back through a horses racing history, it can become clear that they perform a lot better on certain goings as a pose to others.

A horses preferred going can differ greatly from horse to horse giving certain horses a distinct advantage over the competition if the going is to their liking come race day.

Therefore knowing what horses in a race best suit the current going will give you an edge.

One of the best tools for seeing this information instantly is the instant expert tool on the GeeGeez Gold interactive race cards.

This tool allows you to look at any of the days races, select the current going, and you can instantly see a horses history of racing on that going.

This will show you what percentage of races the horse has either won in or placed in when racing on that going in the past.

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Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull

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