Is In-Running Betting A License To Print Money

Betting in-play seems to be becoming more popular and now accounts for over 20% of all betting.

It is widely available at bookmakers on most sports such as football and rugby, but on events that don’t last as long, such as horse racing, in-running betting is mainly restricted to the betting exchanges.

It’s a well known fact that when you’re watching a race on the TV, the picture you are watching usually has a delay of a few seconds. And these few seconds can make all the difference when you are betting in running.

So you would think if you were able to watch the races live from the race course, you would have a huge advantage over the average punter when betting in running.

It would be like a license to print money…


Well… sort of, but it’s not quite as straight forward as that… Let me explain.

Actually being at the races and watching the action live will give you a significant advantage over bettors watching the race on their TV’s. But only if you know how to use that advantage.

Betting in-running takes a little bit of skill if you want to do it right.

You still have to understand how each of the horses in the race prefer to run.

For example, is there any front runners in the race?

Or are there any horses that like to race in the middle of the pack throughout the race and make a sprint finish towards to the end?

Understanding the dynamics of the race you are betting on will go a long way to maximising your edge of watching the race unfold live.

In running betting can be like a license to print money for those who are at the races, but only if you understand how the race is likely to play out.

It’s the in-running bettor who gets stung the worst when the horse that looked a sure thing to win at a furlong out gets pipped at the post.

Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull

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