Form Wins Review

form wins review

form wins reviewForm Wins is a horse racing tipster service run by Tim Westbrook.

Tim sends out horse racing tips via email at around 10am every day except Sundays and usually advises 1 or 2pt win bets.

The tipster claims his tips have made a profit of 396.04pts between February 2014 to May 2015 in the services pre-launch period.


I started trialing Form Wins back  in August and followed the tips for a period of two months.

As always, I have recorded my results to 1pt level stakes to provide an easy comparison between other services I have reviewed but you can find details of how the tipster would have performed to advised stakes in the stats section below the results.

Here are the results of my trial.

My Results

form wins resultsRunning Bank

form winsForm Wins – Stats

form wins stats

If you would like to take a closer look at these results you can download my full results spreadsheet here.

My trial of Form Wins finished with a loss of £349.57 to £10 level stakes.

The loss would have been even greater to advised stakes due to the fact that more money would have been staked although the ROI was pretty similar between level stakes and advised stakes.

How Much Does Form Wins Cost?

Form Wins has an unusual pricing structure.

You can get all of Form Wins tips until the end of 2015 for £75.95.

There are no other pricing options available at this current time.

Final Thoughts on Form Wins

Form Wins had a very disappointing trial with running bank graph looking almost the exact opposite of the “ideal” running bank graph.

That combined with the quirky pricing which might have seemed like a good deal when it launched back in June is quickly losing it’s appeal as the months go on.

I won’t be continuing using this service and would advise giving it a miss, at least for the time being.

If your looking for some tipsters that are worth following, look no further than the Winners Odds Tipster Portfolio.

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  • Can confirm these results are correct as was also a follower of the service until lately. Ended at around -25pts down over a slightly longer time period (advised 1/2 pt stakes)

    Was disappointed with the lack of response via emails but finally managed to get a refund via clickbank. Also suspicious that he operates under other aliases. Was following another service under the name of ‘The Win Picker’ from Kevin Butler which not only selected some of the same tips but emails also arrived within a few minutes of each other.

    Would agree that it’s best to give this service a miss.