Put Your Betting on a Strict Diet

junk bets

junk betsWhen it comes to making money from betting, a lot of it comes down to the things you shouldn’t be doing.

This can be likened to being on a strict diet.

Just as a person on a serious diet would purge their fridge and cupboards of junk food, a serious bettor should purge their “junk bets”.

So what exactly do I mean by junk bets? In short this is any bets where you are not getting value (i.e. the odds are lower than the true chance of the selection winning).

Here’s a few examples of what I would consider junk bets:

  • Advertised football specials (the one’s you see in bookmakers windows, they’re there for a reason!)
  • Lucky 15’s and other “exotic” type bets with fancy names
  • Casino games – roulette, craps, slots, blackjack (unless you’re a decent card counter)
  • Lotteries and scratch cards

And again, just like a person on a strict diet would replace those junk foods with healthier foods, you should replace your junk bets with… how can I put it…. healthier bets?

What I really mean is that you should be replacing any junk bets with carefully thought out bets and only bet when you are getting value.

And maybe you’re lacking the time it takes to analyze all the different information (form, going, other runners etc.) fully before placing a bet.

Most people don’t have the time but they place bets anyway and that’s how the bookies make their money.

But you don’t necessarily need the time to do all that. You can just have an experienced and knowledgeable tipster do all that for you.

You can take a look at the tipsters I recommend and follow myself here: