Do People Really Still Buy Roulette Systems?

I’ve just seen a new sales letter from a fairly big UK publishing company trying to sell a roulette system.

You’ve got to laugh.

Do people really still buy roulette systems?

I guess some folks are daft enough to think they might work. In fact I even stumbled across an online forum dedicated to creating and sharing different roulette systems, who all believe that they might work. It’s crazy.

As far as I know, there is no possible way to win at roulette in the long run. The math of the game won’t allow it. And dodgy staking plans like the martingale or anything similar will not give you an edge. — (Maybe some computer technology exists that can predict roughly where a roulette ball will land when it is already in motion, but that’s not a roulette system as such.)

The only casino game that is beatable (without doing anything illegal) is Blackjack, through card counting.

I suppose you could also include Poker, although I wouldn’t class Poker as a casino game.

And the only reason it is possible to win in the long term at Blackjack and Poker is because, if you are skillful enough, you are able to determine with a reasonable degree of accuracy whether or not the odds are in your favour.

Which is the same reason you can win in the long term with sports betting.

The odds for sports betting are set by humans, and humans make mistakes. (Plenty of them)

If you’re skillful enough to spot some of those mistakes – (or back the selections of someone else who is – ) then you can bet when the odds are in your favour and profit.

But winning at roulette, with a so called system? Not a chance.

Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull