Don’t Reinvent The Light-bulb… Just Switch It On

Did you know that Thomas Edison held 1,093 different patents.

For things like the motion picture camera, the phonograph, an automatic telegraph system, the universal stock ticker, the telephone receiver and much more.

Including one of his most famous inventions…

The light-bulb.

And whilst working to improve the light-bulb, Edison and his associates tested more than 3,000 different theories and thousands of different plant material. Edison said “Before I got through, I tested more than 6,000 different vegetable growths, and ransacked the world for the most suitable filament material”.

I’m sure your probably thinking to yourself, very interesting Kenny, but why the history lesson?

To make a point.

If for some reason you wanted to create your own light-bulb, instead of spending years carrying out thousands of the same failed experiments that Edison did, wouldn’t it be wiser to just read Edison’s lab notes and find out how he did it?

The point is, if you can learn from someone who is already successful at something, you can create for yourself a bit of a shortcut to success.

The same goes for betting.

When you can copy the bets of an already successful bettor who has put in many years building their knowledge and expertise, you too can get the same results from your betting as they do – without the years of hard work.

So if you’re looking for a proven and profitable bettor to follow, here’s a few I recommend and follow myself.

If you like experimenting with your betting and trying to find new angles to exploit (I know I sure do), then knock yourself out.

After all, even the Edison’s light-bulb was far from perfect and is now being made obsolete with LED’s.

But the simple filament light-bulb still works as well today as it did a hundred years ago.

So if you want to start seeing results now, there’s no need to reinvent your betting.

Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull