Tevin Rynard – Tipster Street

tevin-rynard-racing tipster streetTevin Rynard Racing is a horse racing tipster over at Tipster Street who advises win bets to Betfair SP.

He specializes on smaller field races where Tevin beliefs there is more value.

This service has been running for over 11 months now and has produced a profit of 259.57 points over that period. (although most of that was in the early months of this service)

The service averages around 50 selections per month and currently has an ROI of 24%

You can see this tipsters full results for yourself here. Tipster Street are fully transparent about the results of their services and you can view the full results of Tevin Rynard Tips all the way back to June 2014 when this service first launched at Tipster Street.

I recently decided to trial this service for a couple of months and record my results. You can see the results of my trial below.

Tevin Rynard advises varying 1 or 2 point stakes with each bet, however, for the purposes of this trial all bets are recorded to level 1pt stakes.

A note of how this service would have preformed to advised stakes can be found below my results.

My Results

tevin rynard

Running Bank

tevin rynard running bank

Over the period of my trial this service preformed poorly and produced a loss of £34.80 to £10 level stakes.

Look back at the historical results of this service, my results don’t seem to be too far from the norm for this service.

The majority of the profit that this service has produced came between June and September last year. Since then the services results have remained pretty stagnant for months.

The services results were not any better when betting at advised stakes. If I were to have bet at advised stakes over this period I would have made an even bigger loss of £71.64.

The difference in ROI between level stakes and advised stakes was negligible with level stakes producing a negative ROI of -6.21% and advised stakes giving a negative ROI of -7.7%.


A subscription to Tevin Rynard’s Tips at Tipster Street costs £5.99 + VAT for your first month. After that if you wish to continue using the service you have 3 options.

Monthly – £24.95 + vat every month

Quarterly – £49.95 +vat every 3 months

Lifetime – 199.95 + Vat one off payment for a lifetimes subscription

Or you can buy it as part of Tipster Street VIP club deal where you subscribe to all their tipsters for £49.95+ vat for your first month and £59.95 + vat per month after that.

Summary of Tevin Rynards Tips – Tipster Street

If these kind of results continue for Tevin Rynard you would be very lucky to even make enough money from these tips to cover the subscription fee of the service.

Therefore I cannot recommend this service at this current time.