Shane Murphys Irish Tips – Tipster Street

shane-murphys tipster streetShane Murphys Irish Tips is a horse racing tipster over at Tipster Street who advises 2pt win bets and 1pt each way bets on Irish horse racing at a BOG (best odds guaranteed) bookmakers.

The service currently averages a profit of  6.21pts profit each month and advises around 50 selections in that period.

This tipsters sends an email out at around 10am each morning advising any selections for that day along with the current odds and bookmaker where they are available.

If there is no bets the tipster will send an email out advising this.

You can see this tipsters full results for yourself here. Tipster Street are fully transparent about the results of their services and you can view the full results of Shane Murphys Irish Tips all the way back to June 2014 when this service first launched at Tipster Street.

I trialed Shane Murphys Irish Tips for a couple of months, below are my results. All results are recorded at the best price available at BOG bookmakers when I received the daily email.

My Results

tipster street shane murphys irish tips results

 Running Bank

tipster street shane murphys irish tips running bank

As you can see by my results this service didn’t preform very well over my trial making a loss of £247.80 to £10 stakes or -24.78pts.

Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be too unusual for this service.A quick look at Shanes’s past results on the tipster street site reveals that this service is up and down like a yoyo regularly winning and losing 100’s of points worth of profit month to month.

Over the lifetime of this service it has produced a low 6% ROI (return on investment).

The low ROI paired with the unreliability of this services means I won’t be following this tipster any time soon.


Shane Murphy’s Irish Tips at Tipster Street costs £5.99 + VAT  for your first month. After that if you wish to continue using the service you have 3 options.

Monthly – £24.95 + vat every month

Quarterly – £49.95 +vat every 3 months

Lifetime – 199.95 + Vat one off payment for a lifetimes subscription

Or you can buy it as part of Tipster Street VIP club deal where you subscribe to all their tipsters for £49.95+ vat for your first month and £59.95 + vat per month after that.

Summary of Shane Murphy’s Irish Tips – Tipster Street

For reasons stated above I cannot recommend this service. The results are very unreliable from month to month and the overall return on investment the service is producing in the long term is far too low for this service to be worth the price of the subscription.