An Interview with Neil from Tipster Street

tipsterstreetTipster Street is one of the UK’s leading tipster platforms and it’s run by horse racing enthusiast Neil Stevens-Wood.

I recently got a chance to interview Neil at Tipster Street and ask him a couple of prying questions.

You can read the interview in full below:

When and why did you first become interested in betting and how did that interest end up leading to the existence of Tipster Street?

I first became interested in betting at the age of twelve.

My father has always enjoyed a bet on the horses and although a small bettor has had good success. Even on family holidays my father would get up at the crack of dawn to collect a paper from the nearest newsagents. He would study for an hour before breakfast, then place his bets in town before we got on with the family activities.

It wasn’t long before I was looking at the races each Saturday morning and picking seven horses for the ITV7 as it was known then. My father would take my bet to the local betting shop and I would watch the racing during the afternoon.

From the age of sixteen I started collating data and trying out my own systems and strategies. I was quite successful early on and from that moment I was hooked.

However like many bettors I got a little to greedy & lost my winnings built up over a yearly period.

It was then that I started to look closely at tipster services and products. I came across a few good tipsters, but also many awful ones and I was sure I could do better.

After many years of work and studying I start my own service via a premium rate number (it was a little before the internet boom) and it became very successful. At it’s peak I was receiving over 300 calls per day.

I became recognized in the industry as ‘one of the good guys’ which opened many new doors to racing clubs, trainers and jockeys. At this time I was receiving some very good information and making good money from ‘gambles’. Two that spring to mind were Luca Cumani’s ‘Zaralaska’ that won as promised with its head in its chest ridden by good friend Royston Ffrench.

Another gamble which got me hitting the headlines locally was with Grand National winner Montys Pass from Ireland.

I had heard six months in advance that this horse was being layed out and prepared solely for the race. I decided to place 10% of all my winning investments back on to this horse over this period at odds of 66/1 down to 16/1 on the day. Montys Pass duly obliged & was probably one of the easiest ever winners of the National & won me in excess of £35,000.

I continued to work in the tipping industry and as recently as 2013/14 I was joint owner of betting platform Tipster Warehouse.

After a successful 18 months it became noticeable that me and my business partner wanted to go in different directions.

My business partner wanted to go down the expensive exclusive route, whereas I wanted to offer professional services at value prices. I guess this was down to remembering my earlier assault of trying out ‘pro’ tipsters many years ago!

Therefore I decided to brake ranks and Tipster Street was born.

How do you think Tipster Street compares to similar services and what do you think separates Tipster Street from the competition?

I am eager to offer the best value possible. I remember how difficult it was trying to find successful and profitable tipsters many years ago when I first started out.

Of those tipsters that were profitable, they were simply far to expensive to follow. That is always in the back of my mind when I’m looking for tipsters for the Tipster Street brand.

There are many tipster platforms out there and I believe we now offer the best value around.

Platforms such as Betfan, BettingGods, Sportsworld Publishing, Winners Information Network, BetAdvisor etc. offer many different tipster services, but you can easily pay upwards of £99 a month for their products. Indeed their cheapest services will still cost more than our most expensive of tipsters!

Many of our tipsters are priced under £20 per month with just a hand full currently priced at £24.95 per month.

In the coming weeks ALL of our tipsters will be priced under £20 a month and even bigger savings are available by purchasing our quarterly subscription options.

We also offer two sets of free tips.

The first of these options lets you follow free tips from our Pro Tipsters. Each day we select a tipster from our Pro platform and give you their tips for the day for free. These come in the way of an email direct you your inbox around 11am each morning. We feel this is a great way to see what sort of tips each of our Pro tipsters offer and in the meantime make profits for free along the way.

If you’d like to register to receive free tips from our pro tipsters, just click here, scroll down the page, enter your name & email address and click “sign up here”.

The second option is to follow our trialist tipsters for free.

We have hundreds of tipsters contact us throughout the year in the hope of making a good income from tipping on our platform. But as you can imagine a very high percentage fall by the wayside due to our strict proofing policy. The successful applicants are given the opportunity to join our free trialist area where they can proof their tips openly to the betting public. This is a great way for these tipsters to gain a following, but equally important it gives bettors the opportunity to receive profitable tips each day for free.

Many of our Pro tipsters have joined our platform this way and there are a number of great tipsters currently making very good profits as we speak in our trialist area.

All tipsters are given a rigorous proofing period, some tipsters have been proofing to us for over a year before they are given a spot on our platform. As you will see some of our trialists have been live proofing for six months as we speak.

You can follow along with our trialing tipsters and view all of their past results by clicking here.

Finally, I believe our VIP Club offers absolutely outstanding value that cannot and never will be beaten.

Joining the VIP Club gives members access to ALL of our Pro tipsters for one low monthly price of just £35.

This is cheaper than 99% of our competitors sole tipster services!

All tipster selections are sent to members email inbox by 10:30am each morning. Our tipsters cover almost every sport so there really is something for everyone. The VIP Club also offers further discounts from our business associates as well as monthly cash prize draws and racecourse tickets.

You can find out more about our VIP club by clicking here.

All in all we believe we offer the best value around. We have some fantastic tipsters of which all are profitable in the long term. Many of our tipsters have been around for over three years and continue to provide profits for their members.

One last thing… Just in case you feel we don’t offer enough value, we offer a 75% discount on all first month subscriptions to ALL tipsters – So you can get started from as little as £2.79 a month.

You can take a look at Tipster Streets entire selection of pro tipsters here –

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