Value Favs Review

value favs review

value favs reviewValue Favs is a horse racing tipster on the Tipster Street platform. The service focuses on finding value bets on shorter priced horses. Because the service mainly focuses on favourites or 2nd favourites, the service manages to deliver a consistently high strike rate.

Value Favs usually advises around 50 – 80 bets per month with the selections being sent out between 9am to 11am each morning.

All tips are advised at level stakes, at the best odds available from bookmakers when the selections are sent out.

Value Favs joined the Tipster Street platform back in December 2015, and since then the service has gone on to make 138.77 points profit to 1 point level stakes.  The service has produced a +15% return on investment, with an impressive strike of 46%.

Value Favs Review

I started my trial of Value Favs on the 15th of December. All results are recorded at level stakes to the best bookmaker odds available when the email was received.

You can view my results below.

My Results

value favs results


If you’d like to take a closer look at these results you can click here to download the full spreadsheet.

Running Bank

value favs running bank


Value Favs Stats

value favs stats


Value Favs managed to produce a profit of 16.86 points over our trial period. (or £168.55 to £10 level stakes) It’s far from our most profitable trial, but it can’t be complained about either. The service is clearly capable of making steady and consistent profits.

The running bank fluctuated up and down quite a bit throughout the trial, but trended upwards overall. The bank barely dipped into the red, apart from briefly at the very start of the trial.

The strike rate was very high at 45.71%. This makes this service a very easy service to follow as your not waiting for ages wondering when your next win is going to come in.

How Much Does Value Favs Cost?

A subscription to the Value Favs service costs only £4.99 for the first 30 days. After that you have a couple of options.

Monthly – £19.95 per month

Quarterly – £39.95 per quarter

Final Thoughts On Value Favs

I’m very impressed with this service. It aims to find value bets on short priced horses, and it does just that.

The service has been around for over 14 months now and it has only had two losing months in that period.

Based on the results I’ve proofed in my review, and the services past results, it’s clear that Value Favs is capable of producing consistent profits month after month. Averaging around 10 points profit per month to 1 point level stakes.

Value Favs looks to be a very steady service that could make an excellent addition to a portfolio of tipster.

Click Here To Join Value Favs For Just £4.99 For Your First 30 Days