Stalking For Fun And Profit

Have you ever been walking alone and felt like someone is following you?

The thought can a little unsettling… Especially if it’s dark and there aren’t many people around.

Given the choice, I much rather be the stalker than the stalkee (if that’s even a word?)

Because after all, stalking can actually be pretty fun, and also seriously profitable.

I’m not talking about the creepy serial killer type of stalking of course. I’m talking about stalking in the betting sense. Or to put it in more ordinary terms – following someone’s tips.

Now for this kind of stalking to profitable, you have to choose which tipster your going to follow carefully. Because if the tipsters no good, the results you get from following that tipster will also be no good.

So you want to follow a tipster who’s got a good track record of being profitable, and who’s results have been fully proofed by an independent third party so you know they are legitimate.

Such as the tipsters in my tipster portfolio.

You can take a look at the results for yourself at the link below, and if you like, take a trial of one or more of the tipsters for yourself.

Here’s the link:

Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull