Target Tips – Pro Betting Club Review

target tips review

target tips reviewTarget Tips is one of the latest horse racing tipsters to launch on the Pro Betting Club tipster platform.

The service mainly focuses on backing favourites and averages one bet per day.

The tips are made available each day in the members area of the Pro Betting Club website at around 12:30pm and the bets are advised and recorded to Betfair Starting Price.


I started my trial shortly after the Target Tips first launched at the Pro Betting Club on the 14th of August and followed the tips for 2 months.

Here are my results.

All results below are recorded to BSP with the standard 5% commission deducted from all winning bets.

My Results

target tips results

Running Bank

target tips running bank

Target Tips Pro Betting Club Stats

target tips stats

Target Tips had a fairly poor trial and finished with a total loss of -4.45 points.

Upon joining Target Tips, they advise that you stake 10% of your total bankroll on each bet. A 10pt bankroll is ridiculously small by anyone’s standards and if I were to have taken them up on their advice I would have nearly lost my entire bankroll about 3/4th of the way through the trial.

If you are going to follow tipsters, stick to your own staking and bankroll management. You can find out about proper bankroll management here.

How Much Does Target Tips Cost?

Target Tips has two payment options.

Monthly – £39.50 every month

Quarterly – £89.50 every 3 months

Final Thoughts On Target Tips

The poor results of the trial paired with the dodgy staking advice given upon signing up for this service has left me feeling a little disappointed.

The results of this trial are by no means conclusive and Target Tips could well go on to be a profitable service over the long term, but at it’s current price point, I can’t see any reason to sign up to Target Tips at this current point in time when there are other more proven tipsters available to follow who charge less for their tips.

If you are interested in finding some proven tipsters to follow you can click here to see the tipsters I follow myself and their results.