1 Point Wins Review

1 point wins

1 point winsUpdate: You can read a more recent review and trial of 1 Point Wins here.

1 Point Wins is a horse racing tipster that can be found at 1pointwins.com.

1 Point Wins advises wins bets each day to 1pt level stakes at BSP and claims to have made 278pts profit in 2014 with his horse racing tips.

This tipsters usually advises 2 – 4 bets a day although some days he may advise none and others he may advise more than this.

The tips are sent out via email at around 9am each day and if there is no bets for the day the tipster will send out an email saying so.

The results on the tipsters website haven’t been updated since January 2015 but you can see all the results this service has achieved prior to that on the 1 Point Wins website.

I trialed 1pt wins for a couple of months and my results are detailed below. All bets are £10 wins bets and all results are recorded at Betfair Starting Price with a 5% commission deducted from all winning bets.

My Results

1 point wins results

Running Bank

1 point wins running bank

As you can see from my results this tipster hasn’t really managed to replicate the results he claims to have achieved in 2014 here. Throughout April and May when I trialled this tipster the selections only managed to produce a slight profit of 2.27pts.

I was fairly disappointed but this result but a slight profit is still a lot better than a loss.

Tipsters often go through bad patches for a while but still produce a profit in the long term. That might be the case with 1 point wins but I cannot be certain.

Summary of 1 Point Wins

I like the fact that this service advocates a simple 1 point level staking plan and if the results this service claimed it produced in 2014 are true then they are very impressive, however, unfortunately this service has yet to prove itself and I cannot recommend following this tipster at this current point in time until I see some more substantial results.

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  • Still an ongoing trial for you then Kenny? How many bets would you want as a sample before being comfortable with a service? Obviously this can also depend on avg odds etc

    • Hi Simon,

      I’ll continue monitoring the results of this service and give another update in a few months time.

      That’s a tricky question with no real definitive answer. The more information the better.

      If the average odds are higher I would want to see a larger sample of data compared to a low odds service due to greater variability.

      It also depends on the ROI. I’m going to be a lot more comfortable following a tipster with a high ROI over a small sample of bets than I would a tipster with a smaller but still profitable ROI.

      These are all factors to be taken into account that makes giving a set number of bets to be comfortable with a service a tough question to answer.

      You can get a relatively good idea about a tipster service after roughly 150-200 bets. If after those bets they are in profit, have a reasonable ROI and all the profits didn’t just come from a couple of long shots then I’d be pretty comfortable.

      If the profit didn’t come from one or two long shots I would continue monitoring the results for another couple hundred bets and see how it preformed.