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tipster street - Alex Rey Sports ReviewAlex Rey Sports is a tipster at from the Tipster Street platform that advises bets on a number of different sports including football, rugby, golf, tennis, snooker and American football.

This service sends out it’s selections via email at around 9am each morning and advises bets at the best current bookmaker price available when the bets are sent out.

Alex launched this service back in February 2013 and since then has a fairly low 49.07pts profit to 1pt level stakes and a low ROI of 8%.

This means the service has only produced an average of 1.75pts profit per month since it started which is very poor. If you were betting to £10 stakes those profits would barely cover your monthly fee.

The service advises a 50pt starting bank but this is clearly too small for this service.

For example, if you were to have joined the service in early May last year you would have lost your entire 50pt bankroll by mid September by following their suggested staking of 2pt win and 1pt each way bets.

A bankroll should be large enough to, at very least, be able to weather a services largest historical loss and then some.

Despite not having very high hopes for this service I decided to review it over the period of a couple of months to finalize my opinion on this service.

All win bets in this review have been placed at £10 level stakes and each ways bets have been placed at £10 each way for a total stake of £20.

Alex Rey advises 2pt win bets and 1pt each way bets but I have recorded my bets at 1pt level stakes for the purposes of this review. You can find a note of how this service would have preformed at advised stakes below my results.

 My Results alex rey sports resultsRunning Bank

alex rey sports running bank

Over the trial period this service produced a loss of £44.13 to £10 level stakes.

This is could have been a lot worse if not for Jordan Spieth winning the US Open giving this service a boost in profit of £90.00.

This service would only have preformed slightly better to the advised stakes over this trial period producing a loss of £33.60 to advised stakes.


A subscription to Alex Rey Sports at Tipster Street costs £3.79 + VAT for your first month. After that if you wish to continue using the service you have 3 options.

Monthly – £14.95 + vat every month

Quarterly – £29.95 +vat every 3 months

Lifetime – £119.95 + Vat one off payment for a lifetimes subscription

Or you can buy it as part of Tipster Street VIP club deal where you subscribe to all their tipsters for £49.95+ vat for your first month and £59.95 + vat per month after that.

Summary of Alex Rey Sports – Tipster Street

I honestly don’t know how Tipster Street can charge for this service.

If you were to follow this service from it’s launch and bet at £10 stakes, pretty much all of your profit would be eaten up by paying the monthly subscription fee.

The service produces far too low a ROI to bother with, therefore I cannot recommend following this tipster.

There are plenty better tipster services available that you would be better off following.