Think Like A Professional Bettor

Are you making consistent profits from your betting?

And if not, would you like too?

I know, I know… That’s a stupid question. Of course you would.

Not everyone wants to take their betting to the level required to make a living from it. Doing so takes a lot of time, effort and dedication.

But a much more reasonable goal to aim for is to turn your betting into a nice little side earner.

That’s a goal that I believe is very achievable for most people if they put their mind to it.

But the truth is, most bettors who try and turn their betting into a profitable side income are never successful. And that’s because they make the mistake of not taking it seriously enough.

Even if betting is just a hobby for you, you can’t expect to turn a profit from it unless you treat it seriously.

If you think about your betting with an amateur mindset, you will get amateur results.

However, if you think about your betting like a professional bettor would, you will start to see your betting improve dramatically.

So how can you go about treating your betting more seriously?

One of the biggest fixes you can make to your betting is to track all of your bets and results.

You can read an article here about how you can go about doing that:

The reason I recommend recording your results as the best thing you can do to improve you betting is simple. It’s the first step in taking your betting seriously that allows you to analyse your betting in greater detail.

By keeping accurate records of your results, you will be forced to acknowledge exactly how much you are winning or losing.

You can then examine your results and find out what is working for you – and what isn’t, and then make the necessary changes to your betting.

Keeping a log of your betting results can also help you in working out what size of betting bankroll you should be using, which is vital information to know if you want to enjoy any long term success from your betting.

Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull