Easily Spot Winners In The Worst Races

Horse races are broken down into differing levels of classes.

The best horses race in the top class races where the prize money is high and the competition is tough.

At the pinnacle of the sport, the differences in skill between the best horses can be very small leaving the outcome of any race up to a great deal of chance based on how the horse race on the day and how the race plays out, which horses best suit the going and a whole host of other complex factors.

However, in the lower classes of racing, it’s can sometimes be a whole different story.

The differences in skill level between the horses in these lower class races is often a lot more apparent.

Which means if you have a keen eye for form reading, you have a much better chance of predicting the winner of one of these low class races as opposed to any of the major races.

This is why you are more often than not, better off spending your time analyzing these easier races. Especially if your pressed for time.

The average gambler is just going to have an uniformed punt on whatever horse takes their fancy, regardless of the class of the race, so you can get a greater edge over the average bettor if you focus on races where chance plays less of a role.

Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull

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