Pay Me If You Win, Granny

I’ve got to tell you something about myself that might shock you.
I got a good response to the recent post about my first (embarrassing) betting system, and some of you even shared some of your own early betting stories with me. (Thank you if you did. I enjoyed reading them all) So I thought I’d share another one of my early betting tales with you.
Believe it or not, 10 year old me was a “pay me if you win” tipster.
Well, sort of… It was a very “small scale operation” and I was only a “pay me if you win” tipster for a day.
Let me explain.
My Dad’s cousin owned a share in a horse (the name escapes me) and as a result he was given owners passes to the racing whenever the horse was running. The horse was going to be running at Musselburgh.
My Dad’s cousin and the other owners were all based in England and wouldn’t be able to attend this race, so he sent us up the owners passes and let my Dad, my Gran, my Granddad and I have a free day out at the races.
I’d never been to the races before, so I didn’t really know what to expect, but I quite enjoyed it.
Of course, being only 10, I wasn’t old enough to have a bet…
But I worked out a little deal with my Gran.
I would pick a horse to bet on, she would bet a fiver on that horse, and if the horse won she would give me half the winnings. And before anyone accuses me of taking advantage of my Gran, let me tell you, it was all her idea. I swear!
This kind of one sided deal is how a lot of dodgy tipsters like to operate.
Sure, it can work out great if the tipster is actually good and regularly makes a profit. But more often than not, these dodgy tipsters selections methods are often no better than the selection method I was using that day.
I noticed that the horses that won the first two races of the day both had an official rating in the 70’s, so my selection method for the rest of the races was to pick a horse with a rating in the 70’s (or close to it) with the highest odds.
Which isn’t a good selection method by any stretch of the imagination, but it worked well that day as I picked 2 winners and had a profit of £30 to show for it. My Gran was also in profit for the day.
But if that sort of deal were to continue indefinitely, my Gran would end up making a loss and I (the pay me if you win tipster) would make a profit from collecting half the winnings on all the winners.
And this is exactly what happens with most pay if you win tipster services, which is why I recommend you avoid them like the plague.
If you to follow a tipster service that doesn’t operate in such a dodgy manner, and has proven itself to be profitable and reliable, then take a look at some of the tipsters I follow.
Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull