When Should You Oppose The Betting Media?

The Racing Post is the horse racing industries number one newspaper. Around 45,000 people read the newspaper, and another 40,000 or so users view their website each day.

That’s a significant number of people and good portion of their readership will likely be having a bet on horses.

So when they are deciding what horses they are going to bet on, the opinions of the tipsters who publish their tips in the Racing Post will likely have an effect on what they choose to back.

The most popular Racing Post tipster being the infamous PriceWise.

The man behind PriceWise is Tom Segal, and his selections have been profitable to his advised odds for a very long time. Hence why PriceWise is so popular.

But as you probably already know, when it comes to betting, the real profit comes by doing the opposite of the majority of bettors.

Which begs the question – Is there any money to be made in opposing Tom Segal’s PriceWise selections?

I think there is.

Whilst the PriceWise selections are profitable to advised odds, those odds tend to shorten very very quickly due to PriceWise’s popularity and the Racing Post’s large readership.

Usually shortening to the point where you would make a loss by backing PriceWise tips at starting price.

Because of this, I believe there is some value to be had in opposing the PriceWise selections.

If you can find a horse that looks like a good contender is the same race as a PriceWise horse, you will often be able to back that horse at decent odds.

This is because as odds on the PriceWise horse shorten, the odds on the other horses in the race will lengthen slightly – sometimes to the point where those odds might be good value.

Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull

P.S. While we’re on the subject of tipsters, if your looking to make some money by backing a tipsters selections, you can find some tipsters that are not as widely known as PriceWise – but are in my opinion, even better at the link below: