When BSP tipsters can actually be profitable

“The hypocrisy!”

A few days ago, I sent out an email damning tipsters who advise tips to the Betfair Starting Price (BSP), and proclaiming how such services could never be profitable in the long term.

(You can read it here if you missed it: http://winnersodds.com/why-bsp-tipsters-are-rarely-profitable/ )

And I stand by what I wrote in that email.


I must admit, I short changed you a little with that email and deliberately missed out some crucial points. I sneakily only gave you half of the story, in the hopes that this would stir up a little bit of an engaging debate.

Which it did. Thank you to everyone who replied, chipping in with your opinion!

As some astute readers pointed out, I do in fact back tips to BSP pretty much every single day. (The place portion of the Racing Gold tips)

The previous email was titled “Why BSP Tipsters Are Rarely Profitable” – Rarely being the key word in that title.

Which means there are some cases where BSP tipsters can be profitable…

Take the service “All Weather Profits” for example, which has made a total profit of 292.38 points since it launched, to 1 point level stakes all placed at BSP.

So there are certainly exceptions to the general rule that BSP tipsters can’t profitable in the long term.

But only if you’re prepared to search them out.

And secondly, one of the other rare cases when it can profitable to bet on tips at BSP – is when the tips are not advised at BSP by the tipster.

This will generally result in you making less of a profit than you would have if you were placing your bets with a Best Odds Guaranteed Bookmaker – But it’s a great option to consider if you’re banned from a lot of the bookies and don’t want to go to all the trouble of setting up pseudo accounts.

Of course, not all tipsters who are profitable to BOG odds, are also going to be profitable to BSP odds.

In fact, in most cases they won’t be.

But there are some exceptions. You just need to do your research first and paper trade, or back date their results to BSP.

If that sounds like a lot of work, that’s because it is… But it’s well worth it if you’re gubbed from just about every bookie under the sun.

And before you ask… Yes I know of a couple of non-BSP tipsters who are profitable to BSP… And no… Unfortunately I won’t tell you who they are.

No sane person would!

But what I will tell you is that they do exist… and I’d encourage you to search them out for yourself.

Until next time,

Kenny Turnbull