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What is a stake returned free bet?

A stake returned free bet means that if your free bet wins with the bookmaker, your returns will include the free stake.

For example, a bookmaker gives you a £10.00 stake returned free bet and bet on a selections at odds of 2.00.

If that selection were to win, you would receive £20.00 back (£10 winnings + £10 stake) as the £10 free stake is returned.

To maximize your returns from a stake returned free bet, you should back and lay a selection at low odds (less than 3.00)

You can use the stake returned calculator above to calculate your lay stake and profit for stake returned free bets.

This Matched Betting Calculator – Stake Returned Free Bet works in any currency – feel free to enter values in your favourite local currency, and convert them if necessary, for example by converting EUR to PLN or to GBP, depending on what your currency is.

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