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So now you have a basic understanding of bankroll management, you’ll likely be looking for some profitable tipsters to bet with.

There are a lot of great tipster services available, but there are also a lot of poor ones.

So how can you go about finding a decent tipster?

At Winners Odds I regularly trial and review tipster services in order to find out which services are good and which services are not.

Most of the best tipsters I have come across are premium services meaning you have to pay in order to receive their tips.

This is often good value for money as you will usually make make back the cost of your subscription and then some by backing the tipsters selections with fairly modest stakes.

However, if you don’t want to go paying for tips straight away and would rather see some results first then that’s okay.

I’ve got you covered. Below is links to two tipster platforms who regularly send out free tips from some of their premium tipsters.

Betting Gods Free Tips

Betting Gods have a number of tipsters on their website, all of which have undergone an extensive 3 month (minimum) proofing period before they were launched on their website.

This type of quality control has allowed Betting Gods to build up a very impressive collection of tipsters.

You can sign up to receive free tips from Betting Gods who will often send out one or two free tips every day from their premium services.

On top of this you will be offered a 10 day free trial to any one of their premium tipsters. (check my recommend tipsters section to see which I recommend)

Click here and enter your email address to recieve free tips from Betting Gods.

Tipster Street

Tipster Street is a tipster platform who offer a wide selection of tipsters at very competitive prices.

Their tipsters cover a number of sports including  horse racing, golf, tennis and more.

You can sign up for free tips from Tipster Street who will regularly send out some free tips from their premium services.

Some of these tips come from services that I highly recommend and make up part of my own betting portfolio.

Click here, scroll down and enter your email address to receive free tips from Tipster Street

Action Points Summary

  • Sign up for free tips from Tipster Street and Betting Gods
  • Click here to find out what premium tipsters I recommend and back myself
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