Champions League Winners Odds

Champions League Winners Odds

In recent years, the Champions League has become the property of the rich and famous, with the European teams with the richest pockets and biggest stars making their way to the finals on a regular basis. This is good and bad for football bettors.

Except for the occasional underdog runs, only a small group of teams can actually win or reach the finals. But there are just enough of them to make futures betting interesting.

Likewise, the dominance of these top teams means the group stage is less attractive in terms of the future. The fun comes from betting on the group stage on a specific match, as unexpected results are still commonplace despite the predictability of the final table.

We will try to make some predictions and predictions in all directions, including for the top scorer, including at the beginning of the 2021/22 season:

Champions League winning team

By now, you probably already know the buzz surrounding popular win bets. But how do you pick a potential winner when the path to the finals depends on successful draws in the elimination rounds? The approach is simple: avoid the hype and pick the likely group winner (in the elimination draw, group winners are matched against runners-up from other groups).

We know that Paris Saint-Germain (+360) and Manchester City (+380) have spent hundreds of millions to win this trophy, but that also comes with commensurate pressure that can pull the team down. In addition, they will fight each other in the same group, and one of them will probably finish second. If one team somehow loses both face-to-face group meetings, their Champions League adventure may end before they have a chance to start the game.

Chelsea (+800) are fourth fastest in odds, despite being stronger than last season's Champions League winning streak. Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has led two different teams to the finals in the past two seasons and he is gaining an edge in favor of one of the best squads in the world. In addition, the Blues should finish comfortably in Group H.

Manchester United (+1400) is another compelling choice. The addition of Rafael Varane and Cristiano Ronaldo will make Manchester United a team no one wants to face in knockouts. The team must take first place in Group F and its chances should gradually diminish as the tournament progresses. Don't fall for Real Madrid (+1600): under Carlo Ancelotti he will be a knockout contender, but Karim Benzema cannot always hide the lack of elite defensive qualities.

Odds courtesy of FanDuel

Betting odds are the probability of a given event occurring, expressed in numbers. It is also a number showing how much the client will win if he makes a bet on the offer of the bookmaker.

In fact, Champions league winners betting odds is your prediction for the outcome of a sporting event, on which you can make very good money.

Chances of a Champions League winner and team odds:
  • Paris Saint Germain +360;
  • Manchester City +380;
  • Bavaria +750;
  • Chelsea +800;
  • Liverpool +1000;
  • Manchester United +1400;
  • Real Madrid +1600;
  • Barcelona +2500;
  • Atlético Madrid +2500;
  • Borussia Dortmund +3100.

Champions League final teams

Based on team budgets and quality of play, which are two keys to survival in the Champions League in May 2022, it's hard to see anyone other than the popular seven to eight teams making it to the final.

Eleven clubs have competed in the last 10 finals (20 finals total). Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Atlético and Juventus are the only ones to make repeated final trips during this period. With the exception of Juventus, which are in the process of rebooting after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, everyone else is a candidate for a return to this season's final.

In addition, Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City appear to be well prepared for another final after first appearing in a championship game in 2020 and 2021, respectively. But they're just as likely to be knocked out: PSG is in development, and the key star is winning back the last year of his contract (Kylian Mbappe), and Manchester City will still have question marks on the striker after losing. to plant the center striker at the highest level.

The best bets to reach the final are Chelsea (+350) and Bayern (+350) based on talent, consistency and track record. But Manchester United (+500) offer the best chances and their squad is incredibly strong. If you are already betting on Chelsea or Bayern to win everything, then taking Manchester United here will be the riskier game.

Among the long shots to the final, Inter Milan (+2500) and one from Atletico Madrid (+1100) or Milan (+3500) could merit a pilot, depending on which of the last two has the best start in Group B. (with Liverpool and Porto). Inter will not be a popular choice after losing a manager, top scorer and world-class player back in the summer, but it will be able to convince skeptics in the coming months. His group, which will face Real Madrid, will be the yardstick.

Odds provided by DraftKings
Champions League finalist odds:
  • Paris Saint-Germain +160;
  • Manchester City +175;
  • Bayern Munich +350;
  • Chelsea +350;
  • Liverpool +400;
  • Manchester United +500;
  • Real Madrid +650;
  • Barcelona +900;
  • Atlético Madrid +1100;
  • Juventus +1200.

Champions League group winners

Groups, as a rule, operate according to the scenario, but this year they quite legitimately claim to be a pair: groups B and G.

Group B: Atletico Madrid (+200)

Liverpool are the favorite in Group B (-115), but against such famous clubs as Porto, Milan and Atlético Madrid, even Liverpool will lose points. And Atlético Madrid will be a tough match, with Diego Simeone's side playing as tough as Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool. The English side has a solid start to their domestic season, but also Atlético Madrid and should improve as new arrivals Mateus Cunha, Antoine Griezmann and Rodrigo De Paul (below) are added.

Group G: Sevilla (+130)

Another La Liga team to watch out for. Sevilla made more astute acquisitions for a team that was already talented enough to finish fourth in La Liga last season. In the group game, Sevilla will fight opponents who are inferior on paper (Lille and Salzburg) or are on the same level (Wolfsburg). Unless the favorite is pressuring Sevilla during the group stage, it is the pragmatic side that must find a way to ensure sufficient results to get the job done.

Champions League surviving groups

More interesting than chasing potential group winners is finding a potential surprise team to promote. There are usually a maximum of two or three such players in each UEFA Champions League group stage. Last year, two German teams finished ahead of their favorite teams: RB Leipzig beat Manchester United to finish second in the same group, while Borussia Mönchengladbach beat Inter Milan.

Here are the most attractive odds for teams to be knocked out in 2021-2022 (odds courtesy of FanDuel):

Group E: Benfica (+200)

Bayern are the favorite to win in the group (-700) and Barcelona (-390) are another team looking to advance. But given the current state of the destroyed Blaugrana, the talented and underrated Benfica team should be more than competitive in these head-to-head matches. Then the second place will depend on which of the two will be able to score the maximum number of points against the fourth team in the group, Dynamo Kiev (+750).

Group G: RB Salzburg (+150)

The Austrian team may have lost two of their best players this summer (Patson Dhaka, Enok Mwepu), but they have more talent to replace them (Karim Adeyemi, Benjamin Cesco and American Brenden Aaronson, see above). The Champions League playoffs were proof of this. Given that Sevilla (-250) is the favorite to win in Group G, second place should be negligible among Salzburg, Germany's Wolfsburg (-135) and Lille (+100). Salzburg's chaotic high pressing and all-out attacking approach could give him an edge over more traditional and predictable teams like Wolfsburg and Lille.

Champions League top scorer

The list of 10 players that you expect to see in the favorites at the top of the leaderboards will be released next May. But the final goal rating will not be determined solely by the strength of the star. Group stage matches play a huge role, as do the team's chances of deep play, as well as the player's position in the team. Does he incur fines? Will he play all the games? Is he in the focus of the attack? Does he have competition for goals on his own team?

Erling Haaland won this prize last year despite being eliminated in the quarterfinals for his Borussia Dortmund team. It helped that he scored six of his 10 goals in the group stage against teams like Lazio, Club Brugge and Zenit St Petersburg, which are not exactly European forces. Compare that to the performance of his main rival, Kilian Mbappe, who scored two paltry goals (out of eight in total) in the group stage and failed to make up for the knockout difference.

With that in mind, as well as the draw in the group stage, Haaland (+500) is the safest bet to crush on Ajax, Besiktas and Sporting, which offer the same level of competition as last year's rivals. It is tempting to spend money on Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo (against Villarreal, Atalanta and Young Boys), but it is not known how many of the six group games the 36-year-old will play while the club controls his minutes. ...

The next most interesting games after Haaland are Romelu Lukaku from Chelsea (+750) and Karim Benzema from Real Madrid (+1200), who play for teams that have weaker group rivals and need to make progress in knockout. Long-range shot - Lautaro Martinez (+6500) from Inter Milan, who will have to feast with Sheriff, Shakhtar Donetsk and Real Madrid, who are having defensive problems.

Odds courtesy of DraftKings
Chances for Champions League top scorer:
  • Erling Haaland Borussia Dortmund +500;
  • Robert Lewandowski Bayern Munich +600;
  • Lionel Messi PSG +650;
  • Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United +750;
  • Romelu Lukaku Chelsea +750;
  • Kylian Mbappe PSG +850;
  • Karim Benzema Real Madrid +1200;
  • Mohamed Salah Liverpool +1400;
  • Neymar PSG +2000;
  • Memphis Depay Barcelona +2200.

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