Tissue Price Tool

You can use the spreadsheet below to assist yourself in creating an odds line for a race by entering the appropriate information in the white cells.

  1. Enter the number of horses running in your chosen race.
  2. Enter the names of each horse running in the race.
  3. Enter the chance that you estimate each horse will have of winning the race as a percentage. (The total of these percentages should come to 100%)
  4. Enter the odds available for each horse at the bookmakers.
  5. The estimated value of each bet will be calculated. A positive value indicating that the horse may be a value bet at the current odds, and a negative value indicating that the horse is not a value bet at the current odds.

The calculator is only designed to assist in creating odds lines. The information it calculates is only as good as the information  you enter into it.

For more information on creating odds lines, please refer to Intelligent Betting: A Fundamental Guide To Betting On Horse Racing.

Note: Do not edit any of the grey cells. These cells will calculate automatically.

Please give the spreadsheet a moment to load.