What Are The Odds Of Winning Euromillions?

What Are The Odds Of Winning Euromillions?

Euro Millions is one of the largest lotteries in the world and probably the largest in terms of jackpots in Europe. Draws take place twice a week - on Tuesdays and Fridays. Both draws are absolutely equal, but the Friday one purely historically appeared first in 2004, and the one on Tuesday appeared much later.

Therefore, traditionally Friday is considered more important than the one on Tuesday. Here, of course, the psychological moment also plays a big role - Friday is the end of the week, why not spend a couple of bucks on the lottery. And on Tuesday - neither here nor there. Although personally, as for me, it would be more logical to hold a draw on weekends.

To play the lottery, you need to choose five balls out of 50. At the same time, to get at least some kind of prize, it is enough to guess only 2 balls. You also have the option to specify two extra balls out of 11. So, to hit the Jackpot, you need to match all 7 balls, 5 out of 50 and 2 out of 11.

What is a Super Draw at EuroMillions?

The so-called super draw at EuroMillions takes place a couple of times a year. There is no specific date for this edition. At the same time, the EuroMillions jackpot increases by 85-100 million euros compared to the last draw. The draw is carried out according to the same rules and conditions as the regular draw. If no one wins the main jackpot, consisting of 5 main and 2 lucky ones, then the prize is transferred to the next draw.

The EuroMillions lottery draws amazing jackpots of tens or hundreds of millions of euros. But what are your chances of becoming a winner?

What are your chances of winning the EuroMillions?

Including the jackpot, EuroMillions has 13 prize tiers. The exact size of the prizes depends on the income from the sale of tickets for the draw, but the probability of winning always remains the same. Let's consider this point in more detail.

What are the winning options?

% of the prize fund0.324,8%1,6%0,8%0,7%0,7%0,5%2,2%2,3%3,7%6,5%17,6%0.18
Chances of winning1 / 116 531 8001 / 6 473 9891 / 3 236 9951 / 517 9201 / 28 7741 / 14 3871 / 11 7711 / 6541 / 8221 / 3271 / 1571680344927
Smallest Prize15 000 000 €73 256 €6 663 €940,90 €103,30 €40,20 €21,40 €9,50 €9,60 €9,80 €5,60 €6,20 €3,30 €
Biggest Prize190 000 000 €4 576 071 €433 716 €10 165 €316,90 €161,60 €105,00 €164,00 €242,00 €16,60 €17,00 €11,80 €5,00 €
Average Prize53 034 002 €452 566 €66 516 €4 732 €210,57 €104,52 €64,00 €15,33 €21,33 €12,19 €10,85 €8,06 €4,07 €
Fewest Winners0111651192699423 81615 05946 50978 837355 128752 029
Most Winners324503273 1016 5128 973141 26999 416307 015516 6082 104 9304 598 171
Average number of winners in a draw0,36,311691 2332 4683 00154 29942 741108 707223 695776 0571 553 652

How to improve your chances of winning the EuroMillions?

If you want to increase your chances of winning the EuroMillions, there are several ways you can do this through the various gaming options.

Play every draw

This is one of the main strategies for increasing your chances of winning, because in order to win, you first need to take part in the lottery.

Join the EuroMillions Syndicate

Join a syndicate and play with more tickets for a fraction of the price! Playing with others will immediately increase your chances of winning a prize.

Play with systematic form

Maximize the chances of your lucky numbers by choosing a systematic form. When you play with all the possible combinations of your chosen numbers, matching even a fraction of them can earn you a nice prize. You will also be able to claim multiple secondary prizes in the same draw.

Play with the combo pack

Combo packages combine individual bet and syndicate participation and give you a discount. You get the opportunity to participate in a draw with a large number of numbers, which increases the likelihood of your winnings.

Use an Excel analysis of historical results

By using an Excel file that contains the historical results of EuroMillions, you might be able to find a trend that will lead you into finding the future winning odds yourself, by using various strategies.

Learn Microsoft Excel with an online course

Use an MSAccess analysis of historical results

Likewise, you can use a database that contains previous EuroMillions results and that might let you help find the winners odds for the next sessions, for example by using the numbers that are often being drawn.

How to play the EuroMillions lottery

To participate in the EuroMillions lottery draw, the player must select 5 numbers from the main range of numbers from 1 to 50 and two additional Lucky Stars numbers from 1 to 12.

In addition, the electronic form of the lottery ticket contains an Auto-Pick or Quick Pick option, with which you can randomly generate different combinations to be able to play the largest European lotteries. It is possible to repeatedly use the automatic selection of numbers until a suitable game option falls out. In addition, you can use a random number generator to select game options for Euromillions.

How to play the lottery online

To play Euromillions online, you should choose an international online lottery operator and go through the process of registering a game account on its website. You should fill out the registration form very carefully and enter strictly real personal data, since in the future they will be used to identify the person in order to receive large Euro lottery winnings. Most lottery agents pay secondary winnings up to 5,000 euros automatically by transferring funds to the service's gaming account with the possibility of further withdrawal in any way convenient for the player.

Play Euromillions online in United Kingdom

Upon completion of the process of registering a game account on the site, a legal opportunity opens up to play Euromillions online, which requires just a few simple steps:

  1. Fill in the electronic form of the Euromillions lottery ticket, indicating the preferred game options, the number of game weeks and days of the week to participate in the draw.
  2. The choice of a number combination can be made manually by entering the numbers yourself or use the Auto-select function to generate random game options.
  3. After completing all the above steps, you should click the Play or Add to Cart button, depending on the site for buying lottery tickets online.
  4. To complete the purchase, you should pay for Euromillions lottery tickets in any convenient way available on the lottery concierge website.
What days of the week and at what time are the Euromillions lottery draws?
EuroMillions draws take place weekly every Tuesday and Friday at 20:30 CET in Paris (France), which corresponds to 00:00 Moscow time.
At what time before the start of the draw does the official sale of Euromillions tickets end?
At authorized retail outlets in the countries of the founders of Euromillions, the sale of lottery tickets ends on the day of the draw at 20:30 CET. Buy tickets for the next draw becomes available immediately after the publication of the official results of the last Euromillions draw after 22:00 CET. In the case of purchasing Euromillions tickets online through an international lottery operator, the sale of lottery tickets ends on average one to two hours before the start of the draw at 18:30 - 19:30 CET, depending on the chosen platform of the world lottery. In addition, in the option of remote participation in the draw, the electronic form of the lottery ticket for the next draw can be filled out immediately after the acceptance of game options for the previous draw is closed on any online foreign lottery site.
What are the conditions for winning the EuroMillions lottery?
According to the rules set by the organizers of EuroMillions, 13 prize categories are available in the lottery, including the main dekpot prize. To win the minimum prize level, the lottery participant needs to correctly select at least two numbers from the main range of numbers, to receive the EuroMillions main prize, one must guess the full set of numbers, including 5 main and two additional numbers with a special name “lucky stars”. In the case of purchasing Euromillion lottery tickets for the French or British version of the game, in the 13 main prize categories, participants in the draw receive an additional chance to win, due to the fact that a free code called “ruffle” is automatically generated for each game combination.
Is it possible to play the Euromillions lottery in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries?
The official distribution of Euromillions lottery tickets physically takes place only on the territory of 9 countries of the organizers of the lottery, and in particular the UK, France, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Austria, Belgium and Luxembourg. However, residents of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries can legally participate in Euromillions draws using the services of a licensed operator of a foreign online lottery.
How much does a EuroMillions lottery ticket cost?
The cost of one game line of a EuroMillion lottery ticket at authorized points of official sales in most countries of the founders of the Eurolottery is 2.50 euros, with the exception of retail outlets in France and the UK, where the cost of one game combination of a Euromillion lottery ticket is about 3.00 euros due to additional draws.
How and where can I get a win if I buy a Euromillions lottery ticket online?
In the option of participating in the Euromillions lottery by purchasing lottery tickets through the website of the operator representing the world's lotteries online, the winnings are automatically credited to the player's personal account immediately after the publication of the official results of the current lottery draw. In the event that a Euromillions lottery ticket bought online wins a jackpot or a prize of the second category, the player will need to fill out a special claim form for the online lottery operator's insurance company, after which the amount of the prize money will be credited to the winner's gaming account within two weeks. Subsequently, the received money can be withdrawn to the player's personal bank account or Skrill e-wallet, as well as many other ways to withdraw winnings.
What is the additional Millionaires Draw in the EuroMillions UK version or My Million in the French version of the lottery?
In the UK version of the EuroMillions lottery, in addition to the main draw, there is a free additional draw Millionaire Draw, as well as the one called Millionaire Maker. All EuroMillions lottery tickets purchased in the United Kingdom, without exception, are eligible for this additional draw, in which, for each playing number combination, the participant receives an automatically generated “ruffle” code free of charge, providing an additional chance to win a prize in the amount of £1 million. My Million is an additional draw of the EuroMillions France version, which is available to participants who purchase lottery tickets in France. Each payline of the EuroMillions France main draw provides one free chance to participate in the My Million draw, in which one of the participants can win €1 million in the lottery.
Does anyone have a chance of winning the Euromillions jackpot?
Yes, since this is a lottery and everyone, according to probability theory, has a chance to win. Enough to believe in your luck.

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