Do Bookmakers Check Your IP Address?

I was asked recently by a reader, do bookmaker check your IP address?

The answer?

Yes, and they do a whole worse than that as well.

Along with all the usual and well known ways the bookmakers use to track their customers, such as tracking your IP address, type of device (computer/mobile), make and model of device etc. they are also using more sneaky and insidious ways to monitor their users.

Ways that you would think should border on breaking privacy laws.

And their using this technology to monitor their users activity on sites – other than their own – that can reveal what other bookmakers that you bet with and whether you shop around for the best odds.

This should be a big concern for anyone trying to make a profit from their betting as the bookies are using this information to identify shrewd punters and shut their accounts down.

So how are they doing all this?

They are using a piece of software called iesnare that they are secretly installing on their users computer without the user even knowing about it.

Iesnare might even be installed on your computer right now without you knowing about it, tracking everything you do online and sending that information back to the bookmakers.

To find out if iesnare is installed on your computer, and how to get rid of it for good, this article at GeeGeez will show you how.

Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull